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  • $10/hr
    Location: San Diego, California
    Member: kdefino
    Posted on 0000-00-00
    Animal Care/Petsitting

    I'm a huge animal lover, and love caring for pets! References upon...

    Service Description: I'm a huge animal lover, and love caring for pets! References upon request

    Will take out one dog at a time for 15 minutes to an hour. Or take out many dogs at the same time, sometimes taking them to dog runs and keeping the dogs out, playing for hours. Will take care of your pets when you go away on vacation or on business trips. Further tasks may include walking the dogs, feeding the animals, cleaning up any messes made (e.g. counter and spoons cleaned), administering medication (if needed), scooping the litter box daily, mail and paper pick up, and doing any light watering for indoor/outdoor plants. Please inquire.

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  • Member: kdefino

    Name: Krista DeFino

    City/location: San Diego, California

  • Employment Status

    Availability: Available

    Status: Working Part-time

    Occupation: Administrative/Clerical

    Industry: Personal and Household Services

  • Background/Credentials

    Hi, my name is Krista. I'm a hard-working individual that always put my best effort into any job. I'm extremely friendly, upbeat,

    Short Bio:
    CPR Certified (Expires May 2014)

    Babysitting and pet-sitting references are available upon request.
    Administrative references are available upon request.

    My name is Krista. I currently work part-time as an Administrative Assistant for an optometric office and also work freelance for a weight loss clinic doing graphic design work and advertisements.

    I absolutely love kids and enjoy spending time with them. I am personally not ready for my own, so babysitting has always been a joy to me! I'm a huge animal lover as well, and love the opportunity to care for another's pet in their owner's absence.

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