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  • $15/hr
    Location: San Diego, California
    Member: MrsHopeR
    Posted on 0000-00-00
    Personal Assistant

    Will provide personalized support to the family and/or the...

    Service Description: Will provide personalized support to the family and/or the individual client. Tasks and responsibilities may include making travel arrangements, organizing events/engagements, running errands, managing appointments or calendars, making reservations, placing orders, answering/returning calls, and many other similar administrative, clerical and support duties. Please inquire.

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  • Member: MrsHopeR

    Name: Hope Rausis

    City/location: San Diego, California

  • Employment Status

    Availability: Available

    Status: Working Contract/Freelance

    Occupation: Food Services/Hospitality

    Industry: Hotels and Accomodation

  • Background/Credentials

    BA Graduate in Radio/TV/Film, Over 9 Years of Hospitality Work, Planning Events, Organizational Guru, Computer Whiz

    Short Bio:
    Have worked in Retail & Hospitality since age 16. Most recent in Hospitality in Catering/Event Planning. High School Graduate, GPA 3.8, college graduate with a BA in Radio/TV/Film, GPA 3.1 (went to school full time, worked full time, while caring for my child). I know several computer programs, applications, and formats. PC/Mac/iPhone savvy.

    Mother of 1, College Graduate. Originally from the Bay Area, Organizational whiz, love to create systems to stay tidy. Being creative beings me joy... from art projects to planning events, to photography, to learning new things in general.

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