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  • $250/flat
    Location: San Diego, California
    Member: pabrigo
    Posted on 2013-02-04
    Creative Services

    WordPress Business website including theme/style and web hosting

    Service Description: I will build you a full WordPress Business website either for your eCommerce business or standard website; full installation and deployment within a week depending on the decision process; will work swiftly and cost effectively; plus free consultation on online marketing, mobile market, SEO, and other business promotion tips & technique. I normally charge a minimum of $600 for a full WP site design and development but I am aware of small business start-ups who have shoe string budget. But I'm also available for larger scale web production and development that require more involved hi-end features and functionality. contact me now and begin the process!

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  • Member: pabrigo

    Name: Pip Abrigo

    City/location: San Diego, California

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    Availability: Available

    Status: Working Part-time

    Occupation: Creative/Design

    Industry: Performing and Fine Arts

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    My work and communication skills and attitude are excellent, you will get every penny invested hiring me, please contact me for a

    Short Bio:
    I grew up in Los Angeles area, in the performing arts and creative business all my life, currently living in San Diego with my family working as a graphic designer and web developer. I have lived in both West and East coast. I have travel a lot and met many people from dif. walks of life. I'm in my early 40's, still young at heart but has accumulated enough wisdom in dealing with people both personally and professionally.

    Received my Associate Degree from Pratt Institute of design in Digital Design and Interactive Media. I've been in the design and web development since 2000. Worked with various companies in several industries including IT, finance, education, non-profit, and entertainment. Prior to that, I was in the performing arts industry, majored in Dance & Theatre in H.S. and college; Broadway's "The Lion King" was my last prof. gig

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